Once a Gozooper, always a Gozooper !



Well-arrived in India, we adapted quickly, as good baroudeurs, to the 35° of Mumbai, to the monsoon, and went around the city with touctouc till our first visit outside Europe : the company Gozoop.

As Apple or Microsoft, Gozoop was born in a garage, back in 2009, where Ahmed and his 2 associates starting their « marketing etc etc » activities. The timing was perfect as 2009 was more or less the beginning of the exponential growth of the digital market in India.

Today, Gozoop has nearly 200 employees, is present i five cities : Mumbai, … , Singapore, Dubai and New-York .

They manage some of India’s best brands (Dell, Asian Bins…) and are the n°1 independent digital agency in India.

What’s more, they appeared in the 2015 ranking of India’s Best Companies to work for, published by Great Place to Work. They are the smallest and youngest company in the ranking.

Gozoop’s mission is to unlock the infinite possibilities that exist to connect brands with consumers.


Values of Gozoop :

Gozoop as 10 values, which are framed in the office.

#1  « We love being happy and awesome »

#2  « We believe that individual growth should be both professional and personal »

#3  «  We know that change is good »

#4  «  We believe in building and maintaining good and strong relationships through communication »

#5  «  We believe in everyday leadership »

#6  «  We do more with less »

#7 «  We are  honest and genuine »

#8  «  we are passionate as well as disciplined »

#9  « We are humble »

#10  «  We are a start up at Heart and will always be »


Management tools used at Gozoop :

After the CEO Ahmed, we met Bansi, the Happiness Officer, who told us about the tools and technics that are used  to keep the employees happy. And it is actually the employees themselves who had the idea of those tools, during meetings of brainstormings.

  • Shooting stars : it is a contest organised once a year which promotes intrapreneurship.

Basically, during a day, the employees that want to participate pitch on their idea which can be either a service offering, a product offering or an innovative process.

Then, they all vote, the 3 best projects are selected, and will be implemented by the employee who had the idea. He will have 1 day per week dedicated to it and funds if necessary. He’ll also have a financial bonus.

An example of a project that emerged from the Shooting stars challenge was a new dashboard for SEO (search engine optimisation).

  • « Cheer me up » : it is a platform which was developed internally and where you can anonymously write in a post that one of your colleagues is feeling low for instance. Then, Bansi or someone of the happiness team is going to look for a solution, which is often to come and discuss with the person.
  • #loveGozoop : it’s not really a tool but more of a habit they have at Gozoop : when someone post something that made him happy, something fun, on Instagram, they add the hashtag #loveGozoop. It can be a tattoo, a funny haircut, a date, etc. Then, Gozoop pays for it whatever it was.IMG_2627


  • Breakfast with the boss : once a month, the CEO, Ahmed, has breakfast with 8 employees, for around 2 hours. Thanks to that, his knows all his employees fairly well.

One last few words about our meeting with Bansi : she explained us that the employees is divided into 9 main teams, with a team leader for each team. She spends most of her days meeting them,

There is also a happiness ambassador every month, who has volunteered for the post.


The recruitment process

As for the other companies we visited, the selection process is such that they have to make sure the candidates fit with the company’s values.

At Gozoop, the first step is to answer written question, about the reason the apply at Gozoop, to which extent they fit with the values, how they would make Gozoop a better place etc. Around 60% pass this first step in average.

Then, the candidates come for an interview, which lasts around 20min, and finally they are asked to do an assignment.

The lifecycle of a Gozoop employee

The employees stay around 3 years in average at Gozoop, when the sectors’ average employee turnover is around 1,5 years according to Bansi.

Interview of Harish:

We also met Harish, who used to work for a competitor, Red Digital, and who is now the Vice-President of client servicing.

The competitor Red Digital was acquired by Gozoop back in 2010, and Harish told us about the integration of his team at Gozoop.

Red Digital was about the same size as Gozoop, around 40-50 employees, but the integration was hard as they were used to more luxury. Their office was nearly 3 times bigger than Gozoop’s.

 Relation with clients :

Finally, contrary to the other companies we visited, the fact that Gozoop is managed differently is not a problem for the clients and is actually a quality. In fact, the clients tend to trust Gozoop more given the large transparency of its management. Also, they received several awards which tend to enhance client’s confidence in Gozoop.

Chetna’s interview :

Chetna is an employee who was working in the open space. She’s been working at Gozoop for 8 months and she explained us what she like about Gozoop :

  • First, she feels that employees really have a say in the company. They are listened to and can propose things
  • Then, she likes the fact that each employee is considered equal, no matter the time spent at Gozoop, and has the same opportunities of evolution as others. This contrasts, she said, with the competitors where you have to work 4 or 5 years to evolve.
  • Therefore, although she works around 9 to 10 hours a day, she’s really happy to work at Gozoop.
  • The only drawback she mentioned about Gozoop when we asked her was the size of the office.


 Gozoop’s next objectives :

  • They will move to a new and bigger office in a couple of months. Chetna will be happy.
  • Gozoop has no objectives in terms of turnover, of number of employees etc. Their only objective is to be an even greater place to work and produce and even better work.


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