The origin of the project

The project was launched in 2016 by Léo and François two French students from two top 5 French Business school (EDHEC and emlyon). Inspired by Frédéric Laloux and Isaac Getz’s books, highlighting new way of managing organizations, they decided to create “Les Baroudeurs de l’Innovation Managériale” – The backpackers of managerial innovation-.

Convinced that it was possible to give back to employees more independence, more freedom and more responsibilities, they undertook a round-the-world trip aiming at meeting men and women that are reinventing management for today and tomorrow. This trip led to visit about forty companies in 11 countries.

Find here their discoveries.


In 2017, the adventure restarts

Seeing the success of the 2016 trip, it was unthinkable to stop the adventure at this point, that is why Les Baroudeurs de l’Innovation Managériale – The Backpackers of Managerial Innovation, set off again, with a new team. Us, Hugo and François, students in the same Business Schools as Léo and François, joined the project determined to keep 2016 Baroudeurs’ work up. Leo and François’ discoveries drawn our attention immediately and we were surprised to find out these new practices that are not taught in our schools.

At the time of thinking about “our career plans”, we are convinced that the company must be a place of self-development and personal fulfillment rather than a place of constraint. Workplaces should be places where everyone feel free to act, to share its ideas and be involved in project. After all, the main wealth of the company is every man and woman belonging to it.

Thus, we will travel around the world for 6 months in order to visit organizations that free themselves from classical management models and prefer to reinforce the place of co-workers into the organization. We will look for their motivations, their working methods… but also what are their difficulties.


Did you say managerial innovation?

Holacracy, teal organization, freedom form company… concepts are plentiful. However, each term brings up notions of autonomy, responsibility and freedom for co-workers.

To these words, some would denounce utopia or idealism. Yet this new kind of management is already reality for plenty of organizations around the world. As well as well-being at work and personal development for workers, it is for companies a recovery of creativity and productivity, which are two fundamental elements of growth.

Today, if names such as Zappos, HCL Technologies, Harley Davidson, have become figurehead of innovative management, many other organizations contribute to mutation of management. The backpackers will commit themselves to go to meet multinationals, SMEs, association or any other type of organizations, in order to learn about their experience.


From the moment you start working on this theme many questions arise: How to integrate every co-worker in the decision process? How to motivate people? How to redefine tomorrow’s compensation system?… These questions are serious challenges for forthcoming economy and there is no doubt that the backpackers of Managerial Innovation have to make their contribution to it.

Les baroudeurs 2017.


The 2017 backpackers :

  • Hugo Chatel is a pre-master Student at emlyon. Adventurer, he does not hesitate to embark on new projects.
  • François Force is a student in Master in Business Management at EDHEC Business School. He knows how to pay close attention to others and he is involved in many plans.

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