OSSCube: Happy people, happy family, happy customer

We went to Noida on Monday at 8 am. Noida is one of the industrial and technological centers of Delhi NCR. When we arrived at OSSCube office, we heard many clapping and laughing. Put your mind at ease, this was not for our arrival. They were celebrating the end of a yoga session. Sachin Khurana, HR Leader at OSSCube, joined us and explained to us that theses collective sessions happen twice a week. According to him, they are necessary to get energized and become more focused.

If yoga is a cornerstone of the Indian culture, keeping family life balanced is equally essential. Contrary to many managers or companies that try to separate family life and work life, OSSCube tries to synergize them in order to encourage the development of the team members and increase outcomes. Then, Sachin proudly told us the values of the company: Happy people, happy family, happy customer. When a team member works five years for the company, the seniority bonus is given to the family. The CEO sends a letter to the family to thank them. Imagine you receive a letter from your spouse’s CEO in order to thank you for helping the company. OSSCube organizes many events; and families are more than welcome to attend events. Thus, five or six times a year, team members, spouses, children, and parents gather to celebrate or play sports games together.


Nowadays, many companies describe themselves as “large families”. Nevertheless, once you leave the company, you are no longer a member of it. OSSCube thinks differently! When a member leaves the company, the relationships between the former member stays on. Now, this previous member becomes a member of the alumni network. This community is a source of wealth because alumni members stay connected with the company in a positive manner. Thus, just like universities recognize their alumni, each year OSSCube distributes “alumni awards” to alumni members who continue to spread OSSCube’s values and contribute to the company’s success. The relation between former team members and the company is very strong. That is why, every year many alumni apply back to work again for OSSCube. Sachin is really happy to welcome them. He considers that they bring more exposure and enriched experience. Moreover, OSSCube guides its team members who want to start a business. A mentor program is headed by the founders. They conduct a meeting once or twice a month. In these meetings, the roadmap, entrepreneurial spirit and many other essential things are discussed to guide the team members. Nevertheless, what happens when the departure isn’t a choice? Sachin explains to us that they guide the departing candidates in finding new opportunities. The company provides the members with complete outplacement support right from getting the candidate interviews-ready, make the résumé better and enable them to find the right company. This accompany goes on until a new job opportunity is being found. According to Sachin, majority of the team members find a new job in 45 days.

Happy people, happy family, happy customer. It reminds us of Vineet Nayar’s book Employees First, Customers Second (Turning Conventional Management Upside Down). We wanted to meet HCL Technologies Limited but they did not answer to our numerous requests. Even though OSSCube did not experience a major transformation as HCL did, their managerial principles are similar: trust and transparency are the foundations. We spoke with different members of the company and they all asserted that communication is liberated and team members are at the center of decision-making. Furthermore, they developed a collaborative platform named OSSConnect in order to make the corporate communication bi-directly, transparent, and engaging. It works like a social media. Thus, the team members can instantly exchange feedbacks about what they want and easily share their ideas with the top management.

For us, the creation of councils is one of the most interesting initiatives in OSSCube. They are created when they need to be created. For instance, a council can organize a sports activity, an event for family or the alumni network. They have men and women from different departments who actually structures these councils. One of these Councils is particularly dynamic and essential. It is the Task Force. In every four months, the Task Force suggests improvements to the HR team. Its work is based on the feedbacks received from all team members. One of the latest evolution they did is booking parking spaces in the building for women when they have to leave the office late. Sachin tells us that it is a question of security. Every year, the Task Force is renewed. If there are too many volunteers, they come to an agreement to create a diversified and qualified team.

OSSCube created a platform to share expertise. This platform is called Cubian Camp. It enables the team members to share knowledge and latest technology trends through pieces of training and presentations. If a fuller formation is required, the company can pay for the training received and the certification is proudly recognized by exhibiting it on the company’s wall. Moreover, OSSCube often welcomes children to make them aware of what they do. Thus, team members answer to children who want to learn and ask strange questions. This makes team members feel more proud of what they do and what they share.

Sachin reminds us that this culture and these initiatives are made possible because they are deeply rooted in the company’s culture built by the co-founders, Lavanya Rastogi and Vineet Agrawal. This explains why OSSCube experienced a significant growth in the recent years and continuous recognition for its people practices. Nevertheless, OSSCube has recently merged with Happiest Minds Technologies. This brings some interesting opportunities and challenges around the future and a new culture will evolve with time. The team is quite optimistic about it.


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