“Aujourd’hui, nous partons faire un Tour, le tour du Monde, le monde de Demain.”

The project

Léo studies Sciences of management at EDHEC, 5th top business school in France. He is from Picardie, he’s deeply involved in everything he undertakes, and always ready to starts new projects.

François is a student in Em Lyon, 4th top business School of France and also studies science of Management.

When we first discovered the book that created our interest toward new management models, that put the employee at a position of decision – maker, (Employee First, Customer Second, Vinet Nayar) we immediately thought that the experience described in the book was marginal. We thought so, because, at the third year of our degree of economics and management, we had never heard about those companies that chose a different way of managing. A way different from the ones we are used to see and for which our studies in Business schools prepare us to work in.

However, firms that choose to turn away from classical management models in order to move toward models more respectful of the employees and giving more sense to their mission do exist, and we see them everywhere. Yet, they are not known because of their management innovation, and even in the best business schools of France, we just start to hear about them.

When we talk about Management Innovation we talk about all companies that offer to their employees a certain freedom, a clear autonomy, and responsibilities. The concept that illustrate those management innovation are freedom-based companies (Isaac getz) or teal companies (Frederic Laloux)

According it Isaac Getz, a freedom based company is a firm “most of the employees can decide of actions that they consider are best for the well-being of the company without them to be necessarily imposed by their boss or any specific process.”

Utopia? Idealism? The experience some Companies are living now tends to prove that wrong, that those management model are realistic and realized.

Our trip around the world will allow us to see by ourselves what does happen concretely on the field and does that happen, for those firms that decided to move away from classical management models, where the limits have been reached. We will be able to discuss with freed employees, about their motivations, their vision of the firm…

Our goals: Help French students and companies discover an alternative. A management alternative   that illustrate itself not by one model but by dozens. Every single firm, whether they are called freedom based, teal, or any other name, has found its own way to ally economics performance and respect of stakeholders.


France – Belgium – Netherlands – India – Vietnam – Japan – California – Québec – New York – Chile – Brazil


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  1. Good project – we are trying this in India and step by step we are improving ! Enjoy your trip and look me up if you come back to India. Steve.

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    1. Dear Dykes,
      Step by step is the best way to transform a company, it seems!
      Hope the results are as good as expected!

      Coming back to India is not in our plans yet, but why not a skype??

      have a great day!

      François & Léo


  2. Enjoy the Journey, guys. Nice project and I wish you the best. Would you accept me to ask you some questions to investigate during your trip ? But please, don’t consider this demand if it doesn’t seem helpful and consistent with your own goals.

    If we look at Frederic Laloux’s vision of “reinventing organizations”, he states that those company who engaged in that found similar solutions to common problems : decision making, feed back, conflict resolution, decisions on income, etc. Though the evidence is quite poor, the examples given by him are interesting.

    Isaac Getz is in the opinion that there is no model of freed enterprises. Each one finds its own solutions and path. This is related to the idea that otherwise, they wouldn’t head to freedom.

    If this question can help you in the building of your investigative strategy, well I would be interested in the outcome, and I guess the whole community of would be enterprises liberators as well.

    Again good luck and congratulations for the great idea.


    1. Dear Pierre,

      Actually those questions are very constructive!
      Have you seen in our recent articles, we try to dig more on those problematics!

      Do not hesitate to give us any feedback on those articles that would be very helpful for us as we try to improve our process of the visits as much as we can !

      Thanks a lot for your comment,

      Enjoy your day,

      François & Léo


    1. Hi Karen, Thank you for receiving us!! We look forward to seeing you in order to discuss about them!!

      Have a great day,

      François & Léo


  3. Good luck with your project guys! It’s nice to see people trying to promote more fair and compassionate managements. Enjoy your trip!


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